Three county long course records where broken when Truro City Swimmers entered the Millfield pool for the 2008 regional youth championships. 

Jack Middleton’s time of 2:20.19 in the 200m backstroke took the previous six year old county record held by Kristof Klimek.

The 1500m freestyle saw Jack strike again to improve on his own senior county long course record with a time of 17:26.16. This was off the back of a 10k gold medal swim on the previous weekend. Jack also reached the finals of the 100m backstroke coming sixth. 

Michael Grant swam the 400 individual medley in a senior county record time of 5:01.46. On his first visit to these championships and able to proudly wear his regional hat Charlie Middleton swam  the 100m backstroke achieving  a time of 1:14.08. Andrew Cooke entered the 400m swimming a time of 4:31.16. 

200m Freestyle
Jack Middleton  2:11.54
Michael Grant  2:06.79

400m Freestyle
Jack Middleton  4:27.19
Michael Grant  4:26.25  
Andrew Cooke  4:31.16

800m Freestyle
Jack Middleton  9:11.72
Michael Grant  9:23.40

1500 Freestyle
Jack Middleton  17:26.16 (senior county record)

100m Backstroke
Jack Middleton   1:06.79
Charlie Middleton  1:14.08

200m Backstroke
Jack Middleton   2:20.19 (senior county record)
Michael Grant  2:22.58

200m IM
Michael Grant  2:21.28

400m IM
Michael Grant  5:01.46 (senior county record)

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