SLSS Pool Rescue 2013

SLSS Pool Rescue 2013

14, 20 and 21 April March 2013
Truro swimmers deliver in the National Lifesaving Championships

The unique location of Cornwall being surrounded by beaches and the sea, finds some of the Cornish youngsters joining one of the many Surf Life Saving Clubs around the County. For the Truro swimmers this offers not only a fun opportunity to learn lifesaving and life-guarding skills that can be shared in the community, but also the oportunity to rerain fit during the swimming off season of the summer months.

Throughout the year many of the Truro City swimmers train for the dual competitions of ASA and Surf lifesaving Great Britain (SLSGB) events. While the ASA events run from September to July, SLSGB events culminate with winter and summer National competition. The summer events are run on the beach and sea environment where the youngsters are trained in the art of life-guarding and test their combined skills of Sea Swimming, Sea Craft use and Running for both individual and team events.

However the winter programme which was been held over the last 2 weekends, focuses around a National Pool Rescue Competition, which also challenges the pool swimmers in both individual and team events and requires various surface and underwater skills and techniques under racing conditions.

For those Truro City swimmers that did compete in National events there were some tremendous swims, in particular Charlie Haynes who continued his ASA County Championship form and while not only at the bottom of his age group came with in a finger nail of obtaining his National ASA 50m freestyle qualifying time whilst demonstrating some exceptional speed and skills throughout the weekend. 

For the girls Josie Williams also continued her County Championship form, by posting some tremendous times which has again resulted in her being selected for the Senior RLSS England Commonwealth 2013 squad, something she achieved to years ago competing in South Africa. Josie who has excelled in the sport will hope take her place in the team that will compete in Australia this September.

A summary of the swims are highlighted below

SLSGB Senior OPEN (16 & Over) National Championships Competitors (14 April @ Bath University):
Josie Williams (Portreath SLSC) – 2xGold, 4xSilver & 1 Bronze
Matt Trehewella (Portreath SLSC)
Charlie Haynes (Portreath SLSC) – 1 Bronze
Emily Trestrail (Portreath SLSC)

SLSGB Senior YOUTH (13 to 19) National Championships Competitors (21 April @ Millfield):
19 Yrs and Under
Josie Williams (Portreath SLSC) – 4xGold, 3xSilver 
(2 British Records)
Matt Trehewella (Portreath SLSC) – 1xGold, 1xSilver & 2xBronze

17 Yrs and Under
Charlie Haynes (Portreath SLSC) – 5xGold & 2xSilver 
(1 British Record)
Emily Trestrail (Portreath SLSC) – 1xGold & 1xSilver
Susie Laws (Gyllyngvase SLSC) – 1xGold

15 Yrs and Under
Anna Steele-Perkins (Portreath SLSC) –1xGold & 1xSilver
Marrisa Nicholls (Portreath SLSC) – 1xGold & 1xSilver
Dominic Goodwin (Portreath SLSC) – 1xGold & 2xSilver (1 British Record)
James Carpenter (Portreath SLSC) – 2xSilver & 1xBronze

SLSGB Senior NIPPER National (8 to 13) Championships Competitors (20 April @ Millfield):
8 Yrs AG
Anya Hocking (Gyllyngvase SLSC)
Abby Martyn (Perranporth SLSC)

9 Yrs AG
Robyn Ivall (Gyllyngvase SLSC) 9

Maia Brokenshire (Gyllyngvase SLSC) 9

10 Yrs AG
Mia Rule (Hayle SLSC) – 1xGold

Sophie Clifton-Griffiths (Portreath SLSC) – 1xSilver
Mikey Pond (Gyllyngvase SLSC) – 2xBronze
Aaron Martyn (Perranporth SLSC)
Jake Brooksbank (Portreath SLSC)- 1xGold
Thomas Trebilcock (Gyllyngvase SLSC)
Sam Williams 
(Portreath SLSC)

11 Yrs AG
Tanni Smitheram (Hayle SLSC) – 2xBronze

Freya Hocking (Gyllyngvase SLSC)
Rosie Bartlett (Gyllyngvase SLSC) – 1xBronze
Chantelle Buttle (Portreath SLSC) – 1xSilver, 1xBronze
Jenna Tremayne 
(Portreath SLSC)- 1xBronze
Finn  Dungavel (Gyllyngvase SLSC)

Tom Parker (Portreath SLSC)
Sam Norton (Perranporth SLSC)
Robert Brittle (Portreath SLSC)- 1xBronze
William Becconsall (Gyllyngvase SLSC)
Ben Parker (Portreath SLSC) – 1xBronze

12 Yrs AG
Emily Becconsall (Gyllyngvase SLSC)

Emily Williams 
(Portreath SLSC)
Ben Norton (Perranporth SLSC)

Bryn Owen (Gyllyngvase SLSC)

13 Yrs AG
Jodie Kotenko (Gyllyngvase SLSC)

Lily Owen (Gyllyngvase SLSC)
Courtney Phillips (Gyllyngvase SLSC)
Theo Fleming (Gyllyngvase SLSC) – 1xSilver
Euan Dungavel (Gyllyngvase SLSC) – 1xBronze
James Drage (Gyllyngvase SLSC)

Well Done to You all,  for the Full Results click <Here>

If you are interested in taking up the sport please click on this <LINK>