Shirt Sponsors

Shirt Sponsors

New Sponsors support Swimming Club’s New Shirt

Truro City Swim Club’s Team Manager Mark Norton was delighted to announce the sponsorship of the clubs new swim shirt. The shirts given to all of the County and race team members was well received by the swimmers as they paraded along poolside during the County Block Championships and as the team collected the “Ellis” Trophy for a record 15th consecutive time. 

The comments from the some of the swimmers at the end of the championships were ……. “We looked the business” ……. “It made us feel more like a team” ….. “We were proud to wear the shirt cos it looked cool, I am sure it made us swim harder for the club!” 

If you are interested in sponsoring Truro City Swimming Club (the Premier Club in Cornwall) please contact Mark Norton Team Manager 

Thanks again to our new sponsors: