National League Rd2

National League Rd2

Truro City finish 2nd in the National Arena League Round 2, ahead of local rivals …

Truro City Swimming Club travelled to Central Park in Plymouth on 12th of November 2011, to compete in the 2nd round of the National Arena swimming league, Division one. This second round competition had higher stakes than normal because not only would a strong team performance give Truro a chance at the making Division 1 final in Cardiff in December, it would also host a local clash against county rivals Bodmin.

For some of the younger members of the team their confidence was given a boast for this second round clash with the return of some of the club’s talented swimmers who had been missing for the 1st round.

With the 5pm warm-up complete the evening meet began with Truro drawing lane 5, whilst not the swimmers seeded and most favoured lanes of 3 & 4 they did have the advantage and motivation of lining up next to the favourites City of Cardiff B team and did Truro give them a run for the money.

Races 1 to 10 consisted mainly of the freestyle relays for the younger age groups and for the older swimmers it was medley relay’s, the action was fast and furious and saw Truro sitting 4 points behind the early leaders City of Cardiff on 50 points after this block of swims.

The next blocks introduced all of the individual events for all of the age groups and during this time during these races all of the team performed as Truro chased down the leaders with some super swims, but while drawing level on occassions Truro could never quite over haul Cardiff, but both teams during this period of head to head challenge left the other 4 teams trailing along way back in their wake.

Points @ Event 10 – Cardiff (50) Truro (46)
Points @ Event 18 – Cardiff (86) Truro (86)
Points @ Event 26 – Cardiff (119) Truro (116)
Points @ Event 34 – Cardiff (152) Truro (151)
Points @ Event 43 – Cardiff (183) Truro (177)

With the scores now neck and neck going in to the final relay blocks it was honours shared with as City of Cardiff B hung on to the lead eventually to win this round 2 meet. Truro took final in comfort in not only finishing in 2nd place but finished well ahead of there Cornwall rivals Bodmin, to own the bragging rights for another 12 months.

Throughout the tough competition in this round the Truro City swimmers swam very well achieving many 1st, 2nd and third place finishes. The final standings are given in order below, followed by their points and number of finishes:

1. City Of Cardiff B – 224 – (1) 15, (2) 10, (3) 14
2. Truro – 211 – (1) 14, (2) 8, (3) 11
3. Salisbury – 178 – (1) 7, (2) 10, (3) 9
4. DRSA – 174 – (1) 8, (2) 12, (3) 6
5. Bodmin – 152 – (1) 4, (2) 8, (3) 7
6. Three Towers – 102 – (1) 2, (2) 2, (3) 3

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