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How do I join TCSC ?

For enquiries about joining the club, please contact

We normally have a waiting list for younger members wishing to join us straight from swim school after completing Swim School Level 7. We accept swimmers on a first-come-first-served basis according the waiting list, and subject to successful completion of a trial session. There is £5 charge for a trial session.

Over the years, some swimmers choose to leave to pursue other sports and pastimes, and the club’s membership therefore tapers down with increasing age. This means that we are sometimes able to accept entries into the senior sessions, even when the junior lanes are full. Again you should contact for information and drop our head coach Emily an email as well, outlining your swimming CV (

At Truro City the Membership Fees depend on number of sessions swum in the 48 weeks season for which the club trains and compete. (for the training schedule click HERE)

We aim to encourage swimming with the focus on getting fit and enjoyment; however it should be remembered that this is a competitive ASA swimming club with a respected standing in both the County and Southwest Region with a history of being the premier club in the county. To encourage those competitive swimmers to contribute to the clubs development we have a strategy of setting fees that encourage more training, deliberately setting fees for 3 sessions per week to be only marginally higher than 2.

The club uses the HyTek Active™ online management system to administer its fees and charges. This includes taking payments for swim Galas. There is a link to the Active Portal at the top of this (and other) pages of the website.

Once you have made contact with the club and attended a trial session (to see that we like one another), you will be sent an invitation via email which includes a personalised link to the Active Portal. You will then be able to sign up, pay your first membership instalment, and start training and competing with us.

The process is slightly different for Masters Swimmers, insofar as we recognise that working adults are sometimes less able to make make the commitment to swimming every week at the same time. Master swimmers still have to pay an initial joining fee of £50, which covers ASA affiliation and ensures that you are insured when you swim with us. You then pay for block ticket of 10 swims, which you top-up as you use them up – effectively pay-as-you-swim.

Download the membership pack by clicking here

If you are not intending to renew, or have any questions please contact the membership secretary ( and let us know

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Are you looking to improve your swimming and live in Cornwall? TCSC Truro City Swimming Club offers an amazing opportunity to improve ALL swimming strokes from a young age.