Jersey Open 2011

Jersey Open 2011

Truro City Swimmers Challenge at Jersey Open 2011 …

Truro City SC Head Coach Jane Deards and her assistants, Junior Coach Alan Reid and Swim Teacher Kate Smitham made the annual pilgrimage with a squad of 10 swimmers to compete in the AIB Tigers 30 Autumn Open Meet in Jersey at the Les Quennevais Sports Centre in St Brelade.

The annual competition held over 3 days challenges the swimmers fitness at this early part of the swim racing calendar, but provides an early opportunity to record county (Cqt), regional (Rqt) and national qualifying times (Nqt).

This year the meet also had the added change to its format allowing for the meet to run both at Level 2 (for faster swimmers where Nqt & Rqt qualification is possible) and Level 3 (for swimmers where only Cqt qualification is possible) combined, this would benefit all swimmers hoping to maximise their effort to place a competitive time.

For some of the 10 person Truro team this was their first Jersey Open experience and it was pleasing to note many superb individual swims; this success exceeded all early season expectations with all squad members obtaining medals. 

These great swims over the meet 3 days resulted in the team amassing a very impressive haul of 44 medals (20 Gold, 17 Silver and 7 Bronze).

Swimming their hearts out and conducting themselves admirably both in and out of the pool the whole squad did both Jane and the club proud, well done to you all!

A special mention and well done has to be said to Kay de Courcy, Josie Williams and Charlie Haynes for reaching the final of their respective “skins” sprint competition. 

The skins competition is the exciting finale to the open competition and is the one event most swimmers love to compete in, it is an event that many of the swimmers who have tried would love to see endorsed and adopted at the County Championships as the final showdown event. This year there were 4 skins competition events to round off the open championships, they were the 14/15 Boys & Girls and 16/Over Boys & Girls.

The event format runs by taking the top 8 swimmers who have amassed the most Fina points over the 3 days into a random 4 round 50m sprint elimination competition. The stroke draw takes place immediately before each round so individual favourite strokes are luck of the draw, a whistle is blown 10 seconds before the start beep and it is the swimmers individual responsibility to stand on the blocks late or early anticipating the beep that comes without warning when the 10 seconds are up. Each round is sent away with the last 2 swimmers to finish eliminated until only the final 2 remain to swim for glory.

This year Charlie Haynes was first to go in the 14/ 15 years age group skins event where unfortunately luck was not on his side and Charlie’s weakest stroke, breaststroke was drawn first and he was eliminated with just an early taste of the event.

In the girls 16/Over Truro team mates Kay de Courcy and Josie Williams lined up against each other. Round 1 saw the stroke of freestyle drawn which turned out to be a very close event with only 100’s between each of the swimmers unfortunately for Kay her first was to be her last as this round saw her fall at the first finishing 7th. Where as Josie calling on her experience as the county and regional sprint champion finished in 2nd place to continue the Truro challenge into round 2. Josie continued through rounds 2 & 3 of backstroke, breaststroke and finally the showdown of butterfly in the final where she was just touched out for second place.

A summary of results is shown in the table below, for the Full Results Click 

* Cqt – Cornwall County ASA Championship Qualifying Time Achieved
** Rqt – South West Regional ASA Championship Qualifying Time Achieved
*** Nqt – National ASA Championship Qualifying Time Achieved