Head Coach

Head Coach

Profile of Emily Dart – Head Coach 

Truro City Swimming Club is very lucky to have been able to employ the services of one of the few Level 4 Performance Coaches in the country. 

Emily started competitive swimming aged nine, training under top swimming coach John Rudd at premier Devon club, Plymouth Leander.  Emily was a county and regional swimmer in long distance and was regional medalist in the 800 F/S and the 400IM. 

Emily commenced her coaching career by helping out with the ‘Learn to Swim’ poolside at Plymouth Leander when she was only 11 or 12 years old.  At the minimum permitted age of 16, Emily passed her Level 1 Swim Teacher’s exam and at 18, again the minimum allowed age, she sat and passed her Level 2.  Emily immediately started studying for her Level 3 Coaching Certificate and coached at Devonport Royal as junior coach, before moving from Devonport to Torquay Leander as Head Coach, a position she held for nearly two years. 

At 20 years of age Emily decided to take what is known as the coveted old Level 4 coaching certificate which involves being able to coach national to international swimmers. In order to have access to such high achieving swimmers half of the Level 4 course was undertaken at the prestigious Kelly College in Devon. During the demanding course Emily had to develop detailed knowledge on all aspects of swimming, from training, nutrition and fitness for all swimmers whether they were Learn to Swim or International Level. This knowledge was then tested by top GB coach Bill Furniss in gruelling face-to-face examinations.  

After nearly four years at Kelly College, Emily moved to Lincolnshire as a Community Support Swimming Coach.  This involved being the connection between the ‘Learn to Swim’ schemes and the Lincolnshire swimming clubs as well as liaising with the ASA and local schools partnership, which covered 49 primary schools and 10 secondary schools. 

During this time Emily acted as a Regional Mentor and CPD trainer, both running and setting up continued professional development courses for other swim coaches and teachers of ‘Learn to Swim’. 

After two years the local and national funding for this scheme ended and Emily moved to Gloucestershire where she worked as a freelance coach at several local swimming clubs before leaving for Seattle to run a summer camp swimming programme as well a variety of other water sports. 

In August 2011, Emily returned to coach at Devonport Royal where she remained as junior coach until January this year when she was offered the position of Head Coach of Truro City Swimming Club and luckily for the club she accepted. 

Emily is happy to answer any swimmers questions or worries with regard to their swimming progress. However, in order to avoid disrupting lessons she would request that parents contact her initially by her e-mail which is printed below. 

Emily can then arrange a mutually convenient time to discuss matters further if necessary.