CCASA 2020 Champs Results Below

Great start to the 2 weekends of Cornwall Counties for Truro City

Thomas Trebilcock, Anya Hocking and strong swims from Abbie Downing and Zak Clemens taking silvers, with bronzes for Anna Huddy, Sam Poppy and Harry Roche. 50 Breast: Gold medal swims for Esmee Shockley, Anya, Elliot S, Harry P, and Sam Norton. Silvers for Mia Penberthy, Toby S, Tilly Dodd. and bronze medals for Hazel Orbell and Hannah Stephens. 200 Breast: Golds for Esmee S, Anya, Harry P and Sam N. A silver for Hannah S and bronze medals for Mia P and Hazel Orbell. 100IM: Golds for Elliot, Toby and Anya, silvers for Abbie D, Esmee, Harry P and Thomas T, and Bronzes for George Mitchell and Sam N.