CCASA Sprint Champs 2013 Wk2

CCASA Sprint Champs 2013 Wk2

9th and 10th March 2013
Truro City swimmers deliver in the final weekend of the County Championships 2013

The climax of the 2013 Cornwall County Swimming Championships began on Saturday as swimmers arrived at the Penzance Leisure Centre. For many of the younger swimmers they had spent all week looking at their BAGCAT rankings and wondering where they might pick up points to finish in the top 8 and claim a trophy at Sundays presentation. For those over 14 years of age it was about maximising the points for their Club or making one of the Junior or Senior finals giving them a chance to be champion.

Amanda Barnsley shares her thoughts about the weekend.

ome brilliant stats from Head Coach Emily Dart after the second weekend of the 2013 Cornwall County Champs illustrated the drive of all of the Truro swimmers.

  • 165 swims including finals

  • 119 PBs (72%)

  • 28 swims within 2% of PBs (89%)

  • 5 County Champions from Finals (Junior/Senior)

  • 28 finals held and Truro was in 20.

  • 26 Regional Times

  • Several swimmers are knocking on the door of Regional Times and even National Times.

Let’s start with a roll call of honour to all those Truro City Swimmers who qualified to compete at the Counties WELL DONE to you all:

Luke Barnsley, Tom Barton, Jasmine Biggs, Rhys Blake, Roddy Brookes, Robert Brittle, Chantelle Buttle, James Carpenter, Vivienne Carveth, Quinn Clapton, Sophie Clifton-Griffith, Isabelle Corbett, Josephine Cowley, Oscar Davies, Charlotte Drew, Finn Dungavel, Euan Dungavel, Robyn Edwards, Sophie Granite, Chris Harris,  Charlie Haynes, Freya Hocking, Beth Ireland, Amelia Ireland, Laura James, Olivia James, Jodie Kotenko,  Matthew Lamb, Nicholas Laws, Susie Laws, Thomas Lean, Tom Leigh, Jack Lushington, Aaron Martyn, Marisa Nicholls,  Ben Norton, Sam Norton, Tom Parker, Joss Pascoe, Kelan Pascoe,  Mikey Pond,  Matthew Rothwell, Jack Rogers, Mia Rule, Alex Samiotakis, Jenna Smitham, Tanni Smitham,  Anna Steele-Perkins, Hannah Stephens, Thomas Trebilcock, Emily Trestrail, Matt Trewhella, Bethany Vingoe, Megan Vingoe & Josie Williams

After the first weekend, for age group swimmers (9-14 year olds) it was a chance to check their position in the Cornwall County BAGCATS (not Bad Cats as one 9 year old boy called them).   BAGCATS stands for the British Age Group Categories and are a comparative performance table that includes sprint (50m in any stroke), form (best 200m in either fly, breaststroke or backstroke), distance (200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m freestyle), Individual Medley (100m, 200m and 400m) and for 11 year old girls and 12 year old boys their best 100m swim in any stroke.  The points are calculated against the top times in the world for each category, so the faster your time in any particular category the higher points you will score.   The latest thinking is that swimmers at an early stage of their development should compete in all categories, across a range of strokes and distances that lead to an overall award rather than specializing in a particular event. Many Truro city swimmers were doing well in the BAGCAT tables after the first weekend of swims and final individual positions would come down to key races like 200 form (back and breast) or the 400 IM and 400 free which added an extra competitive element and excitement to the Counties.  But, of course, for most swimmers of any age they were looking forward to those events they felt they would do their best in, hoping for a pb, maybe a medal and even a record.   So all in all bags of incentives, personal goals, a few nerves to control, BAGCAT points to chase, regional or national times… but mostly again being part of a team, cheering everyone on to do the best they could and come away smiling.   

Back to Penzance for the Saturday which began with the boys sprinting off for the 200m freestyle.   Impressive pbs all round with some superb swims, Aaron Martin unlucky not to medal in the 9 year olds with 3.03.92, the 10 year olds all performing strongly including Roddy Brookes, Mikey Pond, Thomas Trebilcock and Sam Norton’s monster pb of 16.55 seconds taking him to bronze with 2.47.98.   Tom Leigh for the 11 year olds sealed another bronze with a fine pb from Robert Brittle to add to the consistent pbs.  Nicholas Law’s impressive 2.14.45 took him to gold for the 12 year olds and James Carpenter won silver. Matt Trewhella cruised to the senior final coming 4th in his heat. The girls 200m breaststroke brought a huge pb for Sophie Granite in the 9 year old girls of 15 seconds to get silver in 3.56.02 and a near miss for Mia Rule in 4th.   Bethany Vingoe won bronze for the 10 year olds and a narrow miss for Jodie Kotenko in 4 th with a 12.22 second pb.   The boys 100m backstroke gave Nicholas Law’s his second gold of the day for the 12 year olds with 1.11.47 also a new Competition Best Time replacing Tom Booth’s 2004 record.  Matt Trewhella came 3rd in his heat to earn yet another Senior final place.   The last race of the first session was the 100m fly and Jodie Kotenko won her first well-earned County medal claiming bronze, Susie Laws followed with a silver for the 15 year olds and Josie eased into her Senior Final coming first in her heat.   

The second session started with the boys 200IM.   Gold for Luke Barnsley in the 9 year olds, silver for Sam Norton for the 10s, a close call for Thomas Lean coming 4 th with a strong performance for the 11 year olds, yet another gold for Nicholas Laws on fire with a 10 second pb, near miss 4 th for Oscar Davies for the 13 year olds and bronze for James Carpenter for the 14 year olds.   Chris Harris (our pentathlete) and Matt Trewhella made the 200 IM final coming 5 th and 6 th in their heat.   In the girls 100IM Mia Rule made a 11 second pb to get bronze for the 9 year old girls, Tanni Smitham won bronze for the 10 year olds and Susie Laws silver for the 15 year olds. Josie made another final and finished 2 nd in her heat.   The boys 50m butterfly brought silver for Tom Leigh for 11 year olds, silver for Nicholas Laws for the 12 year olds, bronze for Oscar Davies for the 13 year olds and gold for Charlie Haynes for the 15 year olds with the bonus of a Competition Best Time for his time of 27.81.   Matt Trewhella came 3 rd in his heat for another Senior Final spot.  The last race of the day was the always thrilling girls 50m freestyle and there were some striking pbs, notably 9 year old Mia Rule and 10 year olds Freya Hocking and Vivienne Carveth making their County debut. Tanni Smitham stormed to a sub 35 second 34.60 for a bronze in the 10 year olds.  Susie Laws swam a stunning 28.90 for gold in the 15 year olds.   Josie Williams swam a smooth 28.02 coming 1st in her heat to make another Senior Final. 

An evening of finals brought a back to back set of swims for Matt Trewhella, Josie Williams and Nicholas Laws, quite something after a full day of racing.   In the 200 free Junior Final James Carpenter came 3rd and Nicholas Laws 5th followed by 5th for Matt Trewhella in the Senior Final.   Up again Nicholas came 6 th in the 100 back Junior Final and Matt Trewhella 5 th in the Senior Final.  Susie Laws came 6 th in the 100m butterfly Junior Final and Josie Williams came 2nd in the Senior Final.   Charlie Haynes gave a strong pb in 27.37 coming first in the 50m butterfly Junior Final and taking a new Championship record.   Matt Trewhella came a strong 3 rd in the Senior 50m butterfly Final.   In the last finals of the day, the girls 50m freestyle, it was a double win, two fabulous pbs, Susie Laws in the Junior Final with 28.60 and Josie Williams in the Senior Final with 27.86 – a great way to end the day as the fastest female swimmer in the County.   

Back to Bodmin for the last day and the usual fight for seats and even standing room. The 400m girls freestyle race brought some significant pbs opening with Freya Hocking digging deep for a 31 second pb in the 10 year olds followed by Tanni  Smitham’s 17 second pb for a bronze and Megan Vingoe’s strong time of 5.48 to take silver.  An 18 second pb gave Robyn Edwards bronze in the 14 year olds.   In the boys 200m backstroke Sam Norton got a bronze for the 10 year olds, Thomas Lean a bronze for the 11 year olds and Nicholas Laws another gold for the 12 year olds.  The girls 50m backstroke offered a good deal of pbs from Josephine Cowley, Jenna Smitham, Jasmine Biggs Laura James and medals for 9 year old Mia Rule taking silver, bronze for Robyn Edwards in the 14 year olds and gold for Susie Laws in the 15 year olds. Josie Williams made yet another Senior Final coming first in her heat.   The boys 100m freestyle was an event that brought golds for Nicholas Laws for the 12 year olds in 1.02.48 and Charlie Haynes for the 15 year olds in 56.53 a new Competition Best Time. Matt Trewhella came third in his heat to make the Senior Final making it a clean sweep of Senior Finals.     

The second session began with the grueling boys 400IM and our two brave swimmers Nicholas Laws and Jack Rogers, both pbed with a stonking time of 5.32 for Nicholas Laws to take gold and a new Competition Best Time to replace Tom Booths’ 2004 record.   We didn’t have any takers for the girls 200m butterfly, often swimmers choosing to save themselves for the soon-to-follow 100m breast.  The last heats of the Counties for the boys ended with the 50m breaststroke.   Luke Barnsley got 48.2 to fight his way to gold for the 9 year olds, Sam Norton storming to 43.88 for gold for the 10 year olds and Jack Rogers sub 40 in 39.80 to take gold for the 12 year olds with Nicholas Laws taking bronze.   The last girls race of the day the girls 100m breaststroke saw a fine pb from Jodie Kotenko with 1.30.48 and a narrow miss for a medal in 4 th.  Josie Williams made her Final coming 2nd in her heat making it also a clean sweep of Final qualifications.   

With many swimmers and parents already gone the Counties began to empty out as swimmers warmed up for the final finals!   Last minute BAGCAT points were calculated and the BAGCAT trophy presentations were made.    Well done to those Truro Swimmers who made the top 8.

9 year old girls, Mia Rule (6), Beth Ireland (7) and Sophie Granite (8)
9 year old boys, Luke Barnsley (3), Aaron Martyn (8)
10 year old girls, Tanni Smitham (3), Megan Vingoe (4), Bethany Vingoe (6)
10 year old boys, Sam Norton (3), Roddy Brookes (8)
11 year old boys, Tom Leigh (3)  
12 year old boys, Nicholas Laws (1), Jack Rogers (7)
13 year old boys, Euan Dungavel (5), Oscar Davies (6)
14 year old girls, Robyn Edwards (3)
14 year old boys, James Carpenter (7)

So finally the final finals.  First up the 200m backstroke boys Junior Final with Nicholas Laws coming in 6th.  In the 50m girls backstroke Junior Final Robyn Edwards came 2nd in a time of 32.83 and Susie Laws 5th in 33.75.   Josie Williams came 1st in the Senior Final in a fantastic 31.16 with a new Championship record taking it away from Laura Deering’s 2006 time, making it a clean sweep of all the 50m sprint titles in all of the strokes.  Charlie Haynes came 1 st in another Junior Final in the 100m freestyle in a fabulous 55.66 and claimed another Championship record from past Truro City swimmer Luc Hesdon’s 57.26 in 2011.   Our two top Truro City Seniors finished the Counties.   Matt Trewhella came 5th in the Senior Final 100m freestyle and Josie Williams 2nd in the 100m breaststroke Senior Final.

With the BAGCAT awards given and the finals run, it left Truro City with five Cornwall County Champions 201:

Senior Champions:
Josie Williams – 50m Butterfly, 50m Freestyle, 50m Breastroke, 50m Backstroke and 100m Freestyle
Matt Trewhella – 200m Butterfly

Junior Champions:
Robyn Edwards – 100m Backstroke and 200m Backstroke
Susie Laws – 50m Freestyle
Chalie Haynes – 50m Freestyle, 50m Butterfly, 100m Butterfly, 100m Freestyle and 200m Butterfly

MASSIVE WELL DONE to everyone not only for your swimming but the hard work you put in every week with your training.  Keep up the team spirit, make new goals and look forward to the next gala.   

Lastly a huge thank you to our guiding force Emily Dart, her coaching team, the poolside Counties support from Kate Smitham, Antony Vingoe, Mark Norton, Val Rice for all her behind the scenes hard work, the committee, Ian Laws for stepping in as host announcer, Sharon Laws, Val Rice and Sara Norton for helping run Truro City’s County session in Penzance AND parents and friends who support and nurture their children. 

For the Full Championship results, the age group competition best times of which there are many and the current standings for the bagcat rankings go the county web site at <Click Here>.

Article by Amanda Barnsley