CCASA Development 2011

CCASA Development 2011

Truro City at the Cornwall ASA Development Gala 2011 …

The Cornwall ASA Development gala has been the initial proving ground for many of the great Truro City Swimmers of the past and present. The individual events held over a 50m often gives many of the county’s youngsters a taste of competition at the next level also provides the opportunity to challenge their own personal bests times and to attain the required County Block qualifying times for the March event.

Junior coach Alan Reid and assistant swim teacher Anthony Vingoe took a small team of five swimmers from the club north up the A30 to compete in the annual County Development Gala at the Dragons Leisure Centre, Bodmin. With the swimming on display at very high standard, the nerves were evident amongst the youngsters but this did not deter the young swimmers enthusiasm to compete and this was reflected with a medal haul of 12 and personal best times posted across the board.

A summary of the events and medal winners:

50m Backstroke

(9yrs AG) – Daniel Godley –      49.65 (3rd) Bronze – *CCQT*
(9yrs AG) – Roddy Brookes –    49.65 (4th) – *CCQT*

(9yrs AG) – Bethany Vingoe –    47.40 (4th) – *CCQT*
(9yrs AG) – Megan Vingoe –      51.19 (10th) – *CCQT*

50m Breastroke
(9yrs AG) – Daniel Godley –      55.61 (1st) Gold – *CCQT*
(12yrs AG) – Rohan Goodchild –  46.81 (1st) Gold

(9yrs AG) – Bethany Vingoe –      56.11 (3rd) Bronze – *CCQT*

50m Butterfly
(9yrs AG) – Megan Vingoe –      53.61 (3rd) Bronze

50m Freestyle
(9yrs AG) – Daniel Godley –        44.41 (4th) – *CCQT*
(12yrs AG) – Rohan Goodchild –  35.61 (1st) Gold – *CCQT*

(9yrs AG) – Bethany Vingoe –    40.16 (2nd) Silver – *CCQT*
(9yrs AG) – Megan Vingoe –      42.20 (4th) – *CCQT*

100m Individual Medley

(9yrs AG) – Daniel Godley –      1.50.33 (2nd) Silver – *CCQT*
(9yrs AG) – Roddy Brookes –    2.01.14 (4th)

(9yrs AG) – Bethany Vingoe –    1.43.59 (2nd) Silver – *CCQT*
(9yrs AG) – Megan Vingoe –      1.50.94 (6th) – *CCQT*


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