CASA Intermediate Gala

CASA Intermediate Gala

April 2008 – Great swims from Truro City at the CCASA Intermediate gala …

For those present at the CCASA Intermediate gala in Penzance on Saturday it was great to see some of the other Truro City swimmers squad members continue to perform, where the others left off.

This gala is designed for those swimmers who had not made the 2008 County Championships qualifying event times and giving the opportunity to swim in a local level 3 meet. This gala often throws up many great swims as the young swimmer can improve a lot over a short period of time. Truro City swimmers came away with many PB’s and county times to take forward to next year, with a total of 15 gold, 7 silver and 8 bronze medals.

The girls had some fantastic swims: Alysia Draper – 3 gold medals; Harriet Lord- 1 gold, 1 bronze; Robyn Edwards- 1 gold, 1 silver; Serica Bawden- 2 gold; Courtney-lee Reid- 1 gold; Anna Philips- 1 gold;  Jen de Courcy- 1 gold, 1 bronze; Melissa Reid- 1 gold, 1 bronze. 
The boys also had some excellent swims: Thomas Wood- 1 bronze medal; Alex Stephens- 2 gold, 2 silver; Robert Tellam- 2 gold, 1 silver; Tobias Arkell- 1 silver, 3 bronze; Ben Hicks- 2 silvers; Ryan Bawden- 1 bronze.

Other swimmers representing Truro City with good results, just missing out on the medals were Christopher Marshall, Megan Arkell, Bethany Pond, Hannah Woodward and Dale Triggs.

A big well done to everyone.

For the 2008 CCASA Intermediate Final Standing Results click HERE