2019 Cornwall County Teams

2019 Cornwall County Teams


● Matt Trewhella, County Coach plus assistant coach TBD ● Emma Reid, Team Manager plus assistant TM TBD

Selection process

The swimmers PB’s have been taken directly from www.britishswimming.org and are up to date. Both short and long course times have been taken with the long course times being converted before put into the selection. The top 6 swimmers from Cornwall in the combined age groups from 12-17 have been pulled and then the top 2/4 of the joint age groups have been selected (12-13, 14-15, 16-17) from each stroke to partake in the training.

Selection of squad & team:

  • Squad Selection was selected from rankings on 28th June 2019.
  • Team Selection will be taken from rankings as of 31st of August.
  • Swimmers will be notified 15th September on Team selection after the second training session has been


  • Swimmers need to be available 5th/6th October 2019.

    Selected swimmers must have been eligible to swim in our championships this year and cannot have swum for another county this year.
    The County squad will be made up of the top four 50 metre Freestyle swimmers and then the top two or of the other disciplines and the top two 100 metre swimmers of each discipline (except individual medley).

    The training squad will be invited to the Two training sessions over the summer season. The County team will be selected from the top 50 metre swimmer of each discipline and the top 100 metre swimmer of each discipline plus any extras needed to make up the relays. It is important to note that entry to the County team will only be open to those who turned up to at least one the squad sessions, unless they have overlapping competitions such as nationals. The coaches and team managers will have the final say on who will be going to the competition as safeguarding, training ethics, commitment and race orders need to be taken into account.

    ● Swimmers will be selected from ranking data from the Swim England National Rankings and achieved between specified dates as stipulated by the Competition.
    ● Swimmers will be selected to create the fastest team possible and may be selected for a relay only where appropriate. ● Selections are subject to verification and appraisal of current form at time of selection, according to the level of swimming activity and deemed competition fitness. If there is any doubt as to the fitness of a swimmer, Cornwall County ASA has the right to exclude that swimmer from the team regardless of ranked time.
    ● Selected swimmers are expected to travel as a team to the competition venue unless on medical grounds.
    ● Swimmers, coaches and team managers are expected to abide by the ASA Code of Conduct at all times.

    Dates & locations Training:

  1. Saturday 20th July Penzance leisure centre 4.30-6
  2. Saturday 14th September Penzance leisure centre 4.30-6

    (Please arrive at 4pm to allow swimmers to do their own pre pool warm up sessions)

The Inter-county teams competition takes place on 06/10/19 (Sunday) in Sheffield, but the selected swimmers will travel up via coach the day before (Saturday) and aim to get back on Sunday evening/early Monday morning.